Tom Wren

Tom Wren self portrait

People often ask what inspired me to go from being in banking & finance to becoming a professional photographer. The answer is and has always been a very easy one to give. My dad. My dad was a photographer before the age of the compact digital camera and mobile phones with cameras inbuilt. (actually before mobile phones altogether, but don’t tell him I told you that!). An age where the red light above the door of a dark room really did mean Do Not Enter. I grew up surrounded by lenses and celluloid and quickly developed an appreciation for the minute details required in editing, lighting and colour.

My Dad gave me an old Nikkormat 35mm to use when I was 15 on a family trip to the lake district, I was taking pictures of anything and everything. I entered and won a local competition but unfortunately after college I left my camera on a shelf for many years collecting dust. Now dust free, it gets the odd run out.

I have always been fascinated by the level of emotion a picture could evoke. To take a moment in someones life and imprint it forever. Although throughout my adult life I have worked in a variety of industries I have always needed a creative outlet, eventually picking up my camera again a few years ago, I now never leave home without one of them on me just in case I got the opportunity to capture a memory.

I love that I have worked on a variety of commissions, covering many genres of photography depicted by my portfolio.

Photography is my passion and I am lucky and privileged that it is now also my career. I will always hold dear the things I learned from watching and listening to my dad and every photo I take is for him. Utilising the best kit in my experience including Canon, Elinchrom & Broncolor to assist in creating my images.